Behind the Screen

Hello. Sierra here.

I lead an agile team of creatives who hail from multidisciplinary backgrounds in branding, digital strategy and UX. Together we build brands and their online presence.

The DiSC profiles of our small team are highly complementary, and as a unit our commitment to relationships, communication and productivity drives attentive customer service from concept to creation to post-delivery support.

We love joining forces with motivated clients to bring the vision and energy of their projects to life.

"I'm a Maker at my core."

I am a big picture thinker who values freedom and re-writing society norms. I am most alive and engaged when making things. It could be something digital, a moment, an outfit or business venture. The common element is the process of creating. It's what I naturally gravitate to and what I easily lose myself in.

Often my creations have an impact on others. I very much enjoy this and it's a beautiful "by-product" but this is not the essential reason I create. I create because I love the journey it takes me on. It was a struggle to accept this side of me because it didn't feel "professional" enough. And I've come to realize that I'm pursuing my passion for the next generation... to be another living example of someone who can make a living off of their passion.

I believe that kids should be taught the path of entrepreneurship and I'm passionate about working with small to medium sized businesses to collectively show that the pathway of being a successful business can be smooth. I also mentor teenagers in a startup environment and I volunteer my time to a forest school project that teaches foundational business skills.

A native of Seattle, I left home for college at NYU and have been living around the world ever since graduation. Southern Portugal is currently where my kids and I call home.


Sierra Christianson


We’re not a network of offices, but a network of talent with the power of big and the speed of small

Lely Guansing


I will be the one to create the technical features of your website. I will explain anything you don't understand and help you make an informed decision about tools that matter. I will be responsible for your site's technical aspects, such as maintenance, performance and capacity. My aim is to keep your site as fast and safe as possible. I love finding solutions so feel free to challenge me with your best issues.

Razna Begum


Adam Richmond


I am a crusader of simplicity and efficiency which means I pay obsessive attention to detail. I am fueled by leveling up and love to take people along for the ride as I have an excellent eye for potential modernization. HTML/CSS/JavaScript, Python, MySQL/SQLite3, WordPress/PHP, Squarespace, WCAG 2.1 - is my love language... I mean - this is my toolbox.

Sally Hoppe


I am a connector. I love to analyze, assess and create innovative plans to market companies or individuals and their ideas. I connect the dots between product to market and idea to reality utilizing my whit, intelligence, and extensive experience in marketing.

Elisabeth Beagle


I have a rare knack for turning business concepts into words that are easy to understand while reflecting the philosophy behind the product. Clear messaging gains audience buy-in and I take a scientific approach to translating your business narrative into an emotionally compelling online identity.