Multi platform Website design showcase for LAN Naturals

"Sierra and her team at Paper+Screen breathed new life into our branding and style guide at a critical point in our company's expansion. We continue to work with them on ongoing projects. They deliver a fresh perspective, quick turnaround, and are a pleasure to collaborate with!"
- Darien Williams, Co-CEO & Co-Founder of Brella



  • Monthly feed of 12 custom posts
  • Story highlight covers
  • Story templates
  • Icons

Email templates:

  • Six Custom Photoshop template
  • Custom Mailchimp-builder templates

Promo material:

  • Welcome kit
  • Classroom milestones
  • Classroom calendars
  • Marketing flyers & postcards
  • 46 page style guide


  • 2 animations
  • Bathroom mural layout
  • New location mural layout
  • Classroom calendar
  • Alphabet poster
  • Brella babies logo
  • T-shirt design
  • Custom graphics
Multi platform Website design showcase for LAN Naturals
Branding and Graphics Showcase for LAN Naturals