Quick reference guide

How to Add a WordPress Blog

  1. Login to Wordpress Admin. Hover on Posts, then select Add New.
Paperscreen How to Add BlogImage

2. Add the blog information.

  1. Blog Title
  2. Blog Content
  3. Category
  4. Featured Image
  5. Meta information
Paperscreen How to Add Blog

3. Scroll down a bit to Add Meta information.
What is focus keyword
What is a meta description

4. Once done, click the blue Publish button on the upper right part of the page.
Click here for a screencast

How to edit page content using Cornerstone builder.

  1. To access the Cornerstone builder on the admin, go to Pages, hover on the specific page you want to edit, and then click Edit with Cornerstone.
Paperscreen How to Edit Pages
2. On the frontend, at the admin toolbar at the top, hover over Cornerstone and then choose Edit Page.
3. Once the builder is loaded, click on the text, buttons or any elements you want to edit.  You can see Content part to edit the text and then all other settings when you scroll down.
4. Click Save button on the lower left part of the builder after any update on the content.
Click here for a screencast

Add Meta Information for pages

Adding meta information is the same for blog and pages. From the list of pages, hover on specific page and then click Edit. Scroll down a bit to Add Meta information
What is focus keyword
What is a meta description

Paperscreen How to Edit PagesImage
Click Update button on the upper right part of the page after adding the meta information.
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